Our Environment


Our local Ecology....

Carpobrotus glaucescens or "Pigface" to his
Come back to find out what is native and what is introduced

The Tugun Environment is a diverse landscape. The Gold Coast Hinterland rolls gently down to meet the Coral Sea at the sandy beaches.  As a result the range of life varies from dense forest to the West,  to open dunal vegetation on the East and all that the ocean has on offer.

North-Easterly and South-Easterly winds wash many varied marine creatures onto the local beaches, where you can seethem waiting for the next tide change to wash them back to their ocean home.
Most people don't realise the magical qualities of some of the plants in the area. Some are highly poisonous others can offer relief from sunburn or bluebottle stings. If you don't know don't try it!

Caring for our Beaches

As the world's oceans get more polluted, its essential that every small bit of rubbish possible is prevented from entering the waters.
Did you know many more tonnes of rubbish ends up each year in the world's oceans than the entire weight of all the fish and crustaceans taken from it?
What can you do?
Tugun and surrounding Gold Coast and Tweed beaches are cleaner than many around the world, but everytime a plastic bag, or piece of rubbish gets into our ocean environment, another seabird or sea creature is in risk of a miserable death.
Take your rubbish to the bin and help save an innocent bird or animal , and make the beach a safer and more pleasant place for everyone!

Come back as we update and inform you about our ocean environment.
Humpback Whale beyond the surf
Whales migrate up and down the coast in cooler months
Sea Lizard
These little fellas feed on blue bottles

Velella Velella or known as "By the Wind Sailor"
Blown in by North-Easterly winds
Beach Morning-glory or Goat's Foot Vine
Medicinal qualities in its sap.
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